Monday, February 22, 2010

Chapter 2 ~ Prayers

Not being a very beautiful child lent into my dream world of horses. It was a place that I could escape and had no baring on the fact that I had severely buck teeth, very thin stringy hair and pale skin. I would pine over any book I could find. I traced so many horse pictures that on occasion, when books were returned to the library you could see the indention from my pencil around the subject.
Every night before going to sleep my Mother would come in and say prayers with me. She ended hers with a kiss to my cheek. Knowing that I had God’s full attention; after all I believed, who would not listen my beautiful Mother when she spoke? I continued my prayers after she left.

Looking straight up at the ceiling with an intent stare I whispered
“Dear God. Pleeeeeessse bring me a horse. I promise to be good. I’ll do all my chores, eat all of my dinner. I won’t even whine anymore. Please, please, please, bring me a horse of my own! Also, if you can…make me a little bit prettier each day so the kids will stop teasing me…BUT – if you can only do one of those things, I would rather have a horse! AMEN.” I then flipped over, pulled the covers up around my head and fell fast to sleep knowing that He heard me.


ClassyChassy said...

You are ambitious - having all the blog postings! I remember asking God to send me a horse when I was little! It took Him long enough - but I finally bought one when I turned 18 for a mere $95.00!!!

phaedra96 said...

I think that is so sad; make me prettier or bring me a horse. I would say you grew up to have both.

Julie said...

Yeah - I was REALLY REALLY unattractive as a child... especially after the age of 6!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Julie dear,

I am so enthralled by your world! I honestly didn't know which blog to choose from to post a comment on! Wow...where do I begin? I love this one because of your writing journal here; I am a natural-born artist, however, untrained, but my first subject as a young child were HORSES! I always, always, wanted a horse. Like you, I lived a young life of always wanting something better; I lost myself in my imagination, so I drew pictures of Cinderella, to the point of making books. To this day, I am making books! And I have a toy horse :) and a beautiful white horse made from polymer clay overlaid with wool made by my dearest friend, Patricia Cabrera. I always was and still am a city dweller, so a "real" horse will never be in my life, but I so connected with every word you said in this lovely post.

How did you find me?

Do come again. What a lovely world you have! Anita

ocmist said...

Again, so close... My problems were Dark skin (they called me black, though I am half Mexican and my Dad was French and German) and being overweight all my life. I, too, drew horses and prayed for one. My Dad, Praise God, loved horses too, and I got my first one at the age of 11... also posted about in A Country Grammy's Walk blog. Linda

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

You touched a chord with me. I know how it feels to be unattractive, especially as a child. In my case it was more of a facial deformity. The other children (and some adults) were very cruel for years. I’m 45 now and those things they said still affect me. The great thing about horses and ponies is that they really don’t care what you look like. They snuggle their velvet lips against your neck and blow softly on your cheeks. Although I was lucky enough to volunteer to muck stalls, therefore be around them, I was never blessed with having a horse of my own. Maybe some day…
Patricia :o)
BTW, You grew from a duckling into a beautiful swan, both inside and out.